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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a creative and technical process that indicates to search engines which websites should be ranked highest for a given set of search terms.  To achieve optimal SEO and deliver qualified traffic, it is crucial that website elements are properly balanced so a site ranks at a level that visitors can locate and click.

Our expertise in understanding the ways search engines view and rank information, visitor behaviour and technology enable us to provide trusted guidance and services to organizations. We monitor, analyze, implement and recommend SEO strategies and conduct updates on an on-going basis as part of our commitment to the success of our clients.

9th sphere's recipe for Client's success

SEO services are not only about increased traffic; they're about realizing business' goals. 9th sphere's process, procedures and dedication to continual improvement have provided the best possible results for its clients.

Our key competitive advantages in SEO include:

  1. Industry recognized experts. With over 14 years in business and some of the brightest minds on our team, 9th sphere has achieved much praise and recognition, such as being voted best SEO in Toronto, being featured at conferences teaching other experts, publishing articles in trade publications, and being interviewed by publications like the National Post, CTV News, Backbone Magazine, and Toronto Sun, to name a few.
  2. Clients working directly with the experts. Each client project receives the full attention of our assigned team of specialists. Efforts are constantly monitored and evaluated through a variety of different tools, including web analytics, call tracking and conversion tracking. These are then reported and discussed with the client. Improvements are made accordingly to keep a website on top of its competition.
  3. Real results. Through a strategic marketing-oriented approach, 9th sphere works closely with clients to thoroughly understand their business, target market, goals, competitors and objectives to devise a personalized marketing approach. This ensures that expectations are met and that results are achieved. Review 9th sphere’s Internet Marketing case studies to see the results we have achieved.
  4. Full-service. Only a full-services website development company can obtain real results. 9th sphere offers a total and premium service with its integrated, multifaceted approach of design, technical development, copywriting and marketing as a cohesive team to ensure that its clients realize their business goals. 9th sphere takes care of it all in-house.
  5. Position stability. 9th sphere understands that clients require efficient, cost effective services. It's important that certain tactics be implemented on external web properties with high authority and trust. This ensures long-term and stable results that won't be lost if anything goes awry.
  6. Education & collaboration. It's important that both 9th sphere's team and the client understand each other's efforts. Time is taken to educate clients about the pros and cons of various SEO and Internet Marketing strategies in order to make smart choices.
  7. Ethical & transparent. At 9th sphere, sites are cultivated organically, under the highest level of care and ethics. This ensures that search engines, such as Google, will confidently display the company within their search results.
  8. One-of-a-kind tools. Over the years, 9th sphere has built tools that assist in achieving top efficiencies and real results. These tools are proprietary and one-of-a-kind that allow clients to see true SEO ROI.
  9. Continual advancement in technology and systems. 9th sphere makes this a daily goal and passes the advancements along to our clients, who benefit from our continual efforts.

Over 14 years of experience has proven the value of Internet Marketing to the growth of company sales. Take a look at 9th sphere's Internet Marketing gallery to get a first-hand view of the excellent results our services can achieve for our clients.

Learn more about what SEO is or contact us and talk to one of our search engine optimization and marketing specialists about your website. Ask about how Search Engine Marketing or PPC can complement SEO Toronto efforts and our comprehensive Internet marketing services.