Smart design with unforgettable appeal.


9th sphere offers a suite of design services geared to project the right image to a target audience. Our team strategically incorporates design, marketing, sales, and communication tactics for strong visual appeal.

We create eye-catching designs that accomplish some of the strongest presence in the business world.

It's about more than just looks. Before starting any design work, we strive to understand the company behind the name. Such variables as a company's mission, goals, target market, competitive advantages, competitors, and preferences, establish valuable leverage. By working closely with our clients, our designers, marketers, and copywriters collaborate on smart design tactics that contribute to a usable and distinctive website.

Client's insight into their industry along with our team's expertise, ensure a well-thought-out design that's positively on the mark.

Look to 9th sphere for consistent and comprehensive logo design, branding, website design and mobile design services. Contact our Toronto office to get started.