Open concept - open ideas, that's our mantra.

Employment Opportunities

While we pride ourselves on staffing our team with industry experts, we push our staff to continually develop their skills through reading up on latest news, case studies, in-house training, third-party courses, attending conferences, and obtaining certifications. Remaining complacent in this dynamic industry breeds stagnation rather than excellence. We practice agile development and purposely place team members out of their comfort zones and assign a variety of projects to keep everyone pushing their own personal boundaries.

Our clients are our number one priority. We do what it takes to get the job done; working both longer and smarter to achieve or goals. Whether it’s working within or outside of work hours, we always work as a team. Employees with negative or passive attitudes, the “that’s not my job” types, will not fit in to our working environment. This industry and company may be too much for employees seeking a regular 9-5, but is  the optimal environment for the dynamic individuals that have the drive and motivation to be the best and be part of a continually changing industry. If you are looking for an environment in which to utilize the full extent of your intellect, creativity, and initiative, while adding your voice to the never-ending conversations and suggestions for improvement, 9th sphere is waiting for you.


Available positions:

The following positions are not currently open. However, if you send your cover letter and resume to we will keep it on file until one does become available.