The Grinch Who Hacked WordPress

WordPress-GrinchWhile most of us are spending the holidays relaxing, rejoicing and celebrating with our families, we sometimes forget that the hackers of the world are still hard at work looking for new ways to exploit technology and cause disruption on websites.  WordPress – one of the most widely used content management systems today – has seen the emergence of a new vulnerability over the last few months of 2013, which the hackers (or ‘digital Grinches’ if you will) have already taken advantage of.
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Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law to Take Effect July 1, 2014

Canada’s new anti-spam law, known as CASL, will take effect on July 1, 2014, forcing organizations to make sure they have the consent of recipients when communicating by email, text messages, social media or other forms of telecommunications. What does this mean to you, the business owner or marketer?
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The Future of LifeLogging and an Everywhere Internet

9210684962_c622cc8c65_oAbout a year ago a man was physically beaten and harassed in a McDonalds. The reason? He was wearing a ‘cyborg eye’ that could record anything and the employees said that this was not allowed.

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Advanced Email Marketing Tips

junk-mail-1-873927-mEmail is one of the most effective marketing tools business owners have at their disposal. Setting up an email campaign is easy enough, but it takes more than just a basic approach in order to find success with a campaign. After all, it can be difficult enough to get people who are on your list to actually open an email let alone read it in its entirety.

Fortunately, there are a handful of tried and true email techniques that allow you to develop contacts, segment your lists, and ultimately take your marketing to a new level. The more you can incorporate into a campaign, the better.
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What do marketing companies actually know about you?


Online privacy has become a hot button issue these past few years. With Facebook getting in trouble for what is shared, Google’s issues with their data collection and more. Most recently, the controversy with the NSA took something that was already an issue and put it under a rather bright spotlight.

This has a lot of people getting worried about their privacy online and just how much is known about them?
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If you had a $30k Digital budget, where would you spend it?

For those responsible for a company’s digital assets, initial thoughts may gravitate towards the latest trends or what the company could add to their arsenal of marketing activities.

For instance, if you already have a website and have a SEO campaign, you may think about implementing a mobile website, social media accounts or a PPC campaign.  I want to stop you right here.
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How to Dig Deep Into Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords is a great platform to bring qualified leads for many businesses. We have written about getting started with Google Adwords in the past. Today we’re going to show you some of the ways our Toronto web design and online marketing firm 9th sphere analyses Google Adwords campaigns to ensure they are well optimized and getting results.

Google Adwords Keyword Search Terms
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How we did it! Digging up your personal information online.

Methods We Use for Online Privacy Investigation

Thane Burnett of the Toronto Sun recently approached us to help him out on a story about online privacy. We created a profile for him that included his address, information on his kids and wife, his cell phone number, work history and more.
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Key Google Analytics Metrics Everyone Should be Using

I love using Google Analytics. I use it for our own site as well as for many of our client’s sites. Google Analytics (GA for short) is one of the best website analytics tools out there and it’s also free (well there is a ‘premium’ version for $150,000 a year). The free version has more than enough features for the typical webmaster to mull over.
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Toronto WordPress Theme now Available

9th sphere is proudly based out of Toronto and to show this pride we are excited to announce the launch of our Toronto based WordPress Theme.

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